Important Reference Books For CSIR NET JRF Physical Science With Pdf Download

Important Reference Books For CSIR NET JRF Physical Science With Pdf Download For Free

In This post we are give you list of books for Boosting your preparation of CSIR NET Physics With pdf’s to download.

In This Section of Important Reference Books here we give more than two books list but you need to choose one or two & if time permit you you can also go for another one and we recommended to prepare more problems as much as possible.

So here the books lists with Pdf links, Just click on the link it will redirect you to the download page.

Mathematical Physics

  • Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences : Mary L. Boas (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Erwin Kreyszig
  • Mathematical Physics: H. K. Dass (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Classical Mechanics

  • Classical Mechanics : J.C. Upadhyaya ( DOWNLOAD PDF )
  • Classical Mechanics : Herbert Goldstein
  • An Introduction to Mechanics: Kleppner & Kolenkow (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Concept of Physics (Volume I): H. C. Verma (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Electromagnetic Theory

  • Introduction to Electrodynamics: David J. Griffiths (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Classical Electrodynamics: Walter Griener
  • Electricity & Magnetism: B. Ghosh

Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Mechanics Concepts & Applications: Nouredine Zettili
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: David J. Griffiths
  • Quantum Physics: H.C. Verma (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Quantum mechanics: 500 problems with solutions: G. Aruldhas

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

  • Fundamentals of Statistical & Thermal Physics: F. Rief (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Statistical Mechanics: R. K. Patharia
  • Thermal Physics: Garg, Bansal, Ghosh (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • A Textbook of Statistical Mechanics: Suresh Chandra

Electronics & Experimental Methods

  • Digital Electronics: Malvino & Leach
  • Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory: Boylestad & Nashelsky
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits: Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias

Atomic & Molecular Physics

  • Atomic and Molecular Physics: Raj Kumar
  • Fundamental of Molecular Spectroscopy: Colin N. Banwell & Elaine M. McCash
  • Introduction to Atomic Spectra: Harvey Elliott White

Condensed Matter Physics

  • Introduction to Solid State Physics: Charles Kittel
  • Solid State Physics: Puri & Babbar (DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Solid State Physics: M. A. Wahab

Nuclear and Particle Physics

  • Nuclear Physics: D. C. Tayal
  • Nuclear Physics, An Introduction: S. B. Patel
  • Introduction to Elementary Particles: David J. Griffiths

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