Download NCERT books class wise from class 6 to class 12, Basically this are the most important reference books if you are preparing for UPSC CSE,

If you are a beginner the do start with basic NCERT, i think these are sufficient for starting your preparation towards UPSC CSE.


Welcome to’s dedicated page for UPSC CSE aspirants! In your pursuit of cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination, we understand the significance of strong foundational knowledge. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to a treasure trove of resources: NCERT books. These books serve as the backbone of your preparation journey, providing you with a solid understanding of various subjects. Let’s explore how NCERT books can be your faithful companions in this rewarding journey.

Why NCERT Books Matter for UPSC CSE Preparation

NCERT books, ranging from class 6 to class 12, are not just textbooks; they are your stepping stones to success. These books are meticulously designed by experts to provide a comprehensive overview of various subjects. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to strengthen your foundation, NCERT books are your reliable companions.

Start with the Basics: Class 6 to Class 12

For those stepping into the world of UPSC CSE preparation, beginning with the basics is crucial. Our platform provides you with the opportunity to download NCERT books class-wise, ensuring you have access to each and every class, from 6 to 12. These books lay the groundwork for more advanced concepts and topics that you’ll encounter in your preparation journey.



Your Subject-Wise Guide to NCERT Books

History: Gain insights into India’s rich past through well-structured history textbooks. Understand the evolution of societies, cultures, and events that have shaped the nation.

Politics: Delve into the intricacies of governance, constitution, and political ideologies with our NCERT books on politics.

Geography: Explore the diverse landscapes and geographical phenomena that make up India and the world. Get a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Environment: Grasp the significance of environmental conservation, climate change, and sustainability with our environment-related NCERT books.

Economics: Dive into economic theories, concepts, and policies that impact the nation’s growth and development.

Ethics: Develop a strong ethical foundation with our books that encourage critical thinking, moral reasoning, and responsible decision-making.

Science: From physics to biology, our NCERT science books cover a wide spectrum of topics that enhance your scientific understanding.

Society: Gain insights into society’s dynamics, challenges, and transformations through our society-related NCERT books.

At, we recognize that building a strong foundation is key to conquering the UPSC CSE. With our extensive collection of NCERT books, you have the tools to strengthen your understanding across subjects. These books are not just resources; they’re your trusted companions on the road to success.

Whether you’re looking for class-wise books or subject-specific guidance, our UPSC CSE NCERT book collection is your go-to resource. Start your journey today, and empower yourself with knowledge that propels you toward excellence. Remember, every page you read brings you one step closer to realizing your dream of becoming a Civil Servant. Your journey starts here, at’s UPSC Books section.

Note: Always remember that while NCERT books are an excellent starting point, for a comprehensive preparation strategy, consider diversifying your reading materials and incorporating additional resources to cover the vast UPSC CSE syllabus.