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Harish Chandra Verma (H.C Verma – born 3 April 1952) is an Indian Scientist and professor in the Department of Physics at IIT-Kanpur, India since 1994. His field of research is nuclear physics.

HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 and Part 2 is highly esteemed by Class 11 and Class 12 students and physics lovers for its depth and clarity of presentation of physics concepts.

The HC Verma Solutions can be referred by class 11 and 12 students who are studying physics. This Book Helps you to you complete your Entrance Exams Successfully. This Book Contains Wide range of question and Answers of Varying difficulty level so they gradually require more thinking. HC Verma Solutions are helpful for Board Exams of Class 11 and Class 12 Students.

Remember, no problem is difficult. Once you Understand the theory, each problem will become easy. So don’t jump to exercise problems before you have gone through the theory, the worked out problems and objectives. Once you Confident in theory, do exercise problems. Concepts of Physics Volume 1 and Volume 2 Solutions are helpful when you might come across difficulty in solving them.

Why HC Verma Book ?

The main reason why this book is considered the Holy Grail for physics preparation is the remarkable way the concepts have been explained. The book has been followed by engineering aspirants for ages and continues to do so.

The language used in explaining the concepts is very easy to understand and grasp. The explanation is provided in such a way that even a below-average student can understand the concepts and can easily solve the diverse questions with ease.

secondary education of physics and clearly teaches the ABCs of physics in a very easy to go manner. The book is published by Bharti Bhavan.

The first volume covers Optics, mechanics, inertia, and waves whereas the second volume covers the topics such as thermodynamics, modern physics, and electromagnetism.

The book has been receiving an overwhelming response from all over the country for decades due to its simple language, a good number of problems, wide coverage, and absolutely no errors. The aim is to make physics an interesting subject and also make students fall in love with physics.  This is the most recommended book for the preparation of IIT/JEE mains as it helps in logic and concept building.

Concept of Physics By H C Verma Amazon Book

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Concept of Physics By H C Verma Volume – 1

Concept of Physics By H C Verma Volume – 2

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