Important Reference Books For UPSC CSE Maithili Literature Optional

In this post of Important Reference Books For UPSC CSE Maithili Literature Optional we endeavour to provide you with the list of best books for UPSC CSE Maithili Literature Optional.

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted in three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. Aspirants need to choose one optional subject for UPSC mains exam. It plays a significant role in deciding aspirants ranking in IAS Exam. Recent trends show that the success rate of Literature subjects is soaring with years.

Maithili is one of the 22 official languages of India included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Maithili literature has a rich and long history. It is used in parts of northern Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as some districts of West Bengal and Assam. It is also spoken in Nepal. UPSC Mains includes Maithili literature as one of the optional subjects.

Maithili Literature optional paper I & II

Maithili Sahityak Itihas – Dr. Durganath Jha “Shreesh”, Jaykant Mishra, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jha
Maithili Patrakaritak Itihas – Chandranath Mishra Amar
Tirhuta Lipik Vikas – Dr. Rajeshwar Jha
Maithili Kathak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi
Maithili Padyak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi
Maithili Gadyak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi

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