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What is centimeter (cm) ?

Centimeter (cm), also spelled centimeter, unit of length equal to 0.01 metre in the metric system and the equivalent of 0.3937 inch. Related Topics: International System of Units length unit. measurement.

What is Feet?

The feet is a symbol for measuring the length and is used throughout the U.S. and Imperial customary systems of measurement. A feet has been defined in the year 1959 as equivalent to 0.3048 meters. A feet has 12 inches and a yard has three feet. The foot has been used in several global systems from ancient times, finding favor with the Chinese, Romans, Greek, English and French. The U.S. is one of the countries where the foot is predominantly used for various measurements.

How to Convert Centimeter To Feet ?

The procedure to use the Centimeter To feet calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the Centimeter value the input field

Step 2: Now there is automatically converted to feet value

Step 3: Finally, the conversion from Centimeter to feet value will be displayed in the output field.

What is Meant by Centimeter to Feet Conversion?

The Centimeter to Feet calculator gives the conversion of measurement from the unit Centimeter to Feet. The unit Centimeter is represented by “cm” and the Feet is represented by “ft”. Centimeter is considered as a part of the metric system and is used in the International System of units. The unit feet is used in the US customary measurement system. One Centimeter is approximately equal to 0.032808 feet.

Relationship between Centimeter and Feet

1 cm= 0.032808 ft.

For example, the conversion of 5 cm to ft is given as follows:

We know that 1 cm = 0.032808 ft.

So 5 cm = 5 x 0.032808 ft,

5 cm = 0.16404 ft.

Therefore, the conversion of 5 centimeter to the feet is 0.16404 ft.

Centimeter To Feet Conversion Table

1cm = 0.032808 ft.

2cm = 0.065616 ft.

3cm = 0.09842399999999998 ft.

4cm = 0.131232 ft.

5cm = 0.16404ft.

6 cm = 0.19684799999999997 ft.

7cm = 0.22965599999999997 ft.

8cm = 0.262464 ft.

9cm = 0.295272 ft.

10cm = 0.32808 ft.

What is 5.2 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.2 cm = 0.1706016 ft.

What is 5.3 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.3 cm = 0.17388239999999996 ft.

What is 5.4 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.4 cm = 0.1771632 ft.

What is 5.5 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.5 cm = 0.180444 ft.

What is 5.6 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.6 cm = 0.18372479999999997 ft.

What is 5.7 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.7 cm = 0.1870056 ft.

What is 5.8 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.8 cm = 0.19028639999999997 ft.

What is 5.9 Centimeter to Feet ?

5.9 cm = 0.1935672ft.

What is 6 Centimeter to Feet ?

6 cm = 0.19684799999999997 ft.

What is 20 Centimeter to Feet ?

20 cm = 0.65616 ft.

What is 50 Centimeter to Feet ?

50 cm = 1.6403999999999999 ft.

What is 100 Centimeter to Feet ?

100 cm = 3.2807999999999997 ft.

What is 1000 Centimeter to Feet ?

1000 cm = 32.808 ft.

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