What’s the speed of dark, and is it related to the speed of light?

The concept of “dark” does not have a speed associated with it, and it is not related to the speed of light. Dark is the absence of light rather than a tangible entity, so it doesn’t have a speed like a physical object.

The speed of light, denoted by ‘c,’ is one of the fundamental constants in physics. In a vacuum, the speed of light is approximately 299,792,458 meters per second (or about 186,282 miles per second). Light travels at this speed in a vacuum, such as outer space, and it propagates as electromagnetic waves.

Darkness, on the other hand, is not a physical thing with a speed; it simply refers to the absence of visible light. When you turn off the lights in a room or experience darkness at night, you are not witnessing the movement or speed of “dark”; rather, you are perceiving the absence of visible light.

In physics, discussions about the speed of light are related to the behavior of light and its interactions with matter, not the concept of “dark.”

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