Is butter from curd better than made from milk cream?

The choice between butter made from curd (yogurt) and butter made from milk cream depends on personal preferences and dietary considerations. Both types of butter have their own characteristics:

  1. Butter from Curd (Yogurt Butter):
    • This type of butter is often referred to as “cultured butter” or “yogurt butter” because it is made from yogurt or curd.
    • It typically has a tangy flavor due to the presence of lactic acid, which is a result of the fermentation process.
    • Yogurt butter is lower in fat compared to traditional butter made from cream, and it may have a slightly lower calorie content.
  2. Butter from Milk Cream (Regular Butter):
    • Traditional butter is made by churning milk cream until the fat separates from the liquid (buttermilk).
    • It has a rich, creamy flavor and is known for its versatility in cooking and baking.
    • Regular butter has a higher fat content and calorie count compared to yogurt butter.

The choice between these types of butter depends on individual taste preferences and dietary goals. If you prefer a milder, creamier taste, traditional butter made from milk cream may be your preference. It is widely used in a variety of culinary applications, from spreading on bread to cooking and baking.

Yogurt butter, with its tangy flavor, can be a good option for those who enjoy the taste of yogurt and want a butter with a slightly lower fat content. It can add a unique flavor to dishes and is often used in specific regional cuisines.

Ultimately, both types of butter can be part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation. When making your choice, consider your taste preferences and how you plan to use the butter in your cooking and recipes. It’s also essential to be mindful of the overall fat and calorie content of the butter you choose, especially if you have specific dietary goals or restrictions.

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