If a jogger runs at the speed of sound, can they still hear their fitness app telling them to slow down?

If a jogger could somehow run at the speed of sound, they would not be able to hear their fitness app or any other sounds around them while moving at that speed. This is because, at the speed of sound, the jogger would be moving at the same pace as the sound waves they are producing, effectively outrunning them.

In physics, the speed of sound in air at room temperature is approximately 343 meters per second (about 1,125 feet per second). If the jogger were moving at this speed, the sound waves they generate, including the sounds from their fitness app, would be unable to catch up to them. As a result, the jogger would not hear any sounds coming from behind or around them.

In practical terms, reaching or exceeding the speed of sound is far beyond the capabilities of human beings, as it would require supersonic speeds typically associated with high-speed aircraft. Joggers and runners operate at significantly lower speeds in the range of meters per second, well below the speed of sound.

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